Family & Marriage

በቤት ውስጥ ግንኙነትን ለማጠናከር የሚጠቅሙ ምክሮች

ያገባ ሰው ክትዳር ጓደኛው ጋር የሚኖረው ሰላማዊ ግንኙነት ያለውን ጠቀሜታ ይረዳል። ትንንሽ የሚመስሉ ነገሮች ግንኙነትን ላማጠናከር ትልቅ ሚና ሲጫወቱ በአንጻሩ ትንሽ የሚባሉ በጊዜው ያልተስተካከሉ ልምዶችና ባህርያት በግንኙነት ላይ ትልቅ ችግር ሲፈጥሩ ይስተዋላል። እነዚህ ምክሮች ጥሩ ግንኙነት እንዲኖር ይጠቅማሉ።

  • አብዝተህ ወደ ጌታ ቅረብ ፣ ይህንን በምታደርግ ጊዜ ሰላምህ ስለሚበዛ በቤትህም ሰላም ይበዛል።
  • አንዱ የሌላኛውን ሃሳብ ያክብር። ለትዳር ጓደኛህ/ሽ ሃሳብ ፤ ምርጫ እና ፍላጎት ትኩረት አድርግ። አንተ የምትወደውን ከማድረግ ይልቅ ሁለታችሁም በጋራ ልትወዱትና ልታደርጉት የምትችሉተ ነገር ላይ ስራ።
  • የትዳር ጓደኛህን/ሽን ካስቀየምክ ይቅርታ ጠይቅ።
  •  በህይወትህ ፣ በሁሉ ነገር ላይ ለትዳር ጓደኛህ/ሽ ቅድሚያ ስጥ።
  • በአክብሮት ሁል ጊዜ የትዳር ጓደኛህን እወድሻለሁ በል።
  •  ቀንህን ለትዳር ጓደኛህ/ሽ የሞቀ ሰላምታ በመስጠት ብሎም በመሳም ጀምር
  • ቃል አትግባ፣ ቃል ከገባህ ግን አድርገው
  •  አብራችሁ የምትሆኑበትን ጊዜ እና ቦታ አመቻች። በተለይ ከአካባቢያችሁ ወጣ በማለት የእግር ጉዞ በማድረግ ወይም በመንዳት ሁለታችሁ ብቻ አብራችሁ አሳልፉ።
  • በጋራ ምግብ አብስሉ። አንተ የተሻለ መስራት ብትችል እንኳን ምግቡን በማድነቅ ለሰራው ሰው ማበረታቻ ስጥ፡፤
  • በተቻለ መጠን ታጋሽ ሁን።
  • ስጦታን መለዋወጥ መልካም ነው። ዋጋቸው በጣም ውድ ያልሆኑ ግን ማስታወሻ ሊሆኑ የሚችሉ ስጦታዎች ግንኙነትን ያጠናክራሉ።
  • በአገልግሎት ፣ በስራ ወይም በሌላ ሁኔታ( ይህንንም በልክ)ካልሆነ በስተቀር ከትዳር ጓደኛህ ጋር ግንኙነትን ስለሚያሻክርና ለፈተናም ስለሚያጋልጥ ፣ ከተቃራኒ ጾታ ጋር ብዙ አብረህ አታሳልፍ። ጊዜ ካለህ ለትዳር ጓደኛህ ስጥ።

How to Live a Happy Married Life

If you are married, you’ll know that happiness in your marriage is as essential as food is for hunger. Perhaps you’d like to be happier in your marriage, or you’re thinking about getting married and you’re looking for hints and tips. Here’s some good advice for living a happily married life.

1.Respect each other’s views at all times.Give particular attention to what your spouse wants, believes and likes. Ideally, rather than working out what you need, you should try to work out what you both need. If you disappoint your partner, say so: “I’m sorry that I disappointed you.” and “I’ll try to make up for that.” If you may have given rise to a disagreement.

2.Listen to each other properly. Don’t pretend to listen whilst you formulate your answer.Show consideration to your spouse, with high regard to not disagreeing unnecessarily.

3.Give priority to your spouse over everything else in your life.Show your esteem for your spouse by giving preference over the needs and wishes of others.

4.Sincerely say “I love you” often.

5.Start your day with a warm kiss or a hug.

6.Take time out and spend a few moments together–just the two of you alone. Maybe you and your spouse can go out for a walk or a drive to get away from others.

7.Cook for each other, and show that you appreciate the thoughtfulness and the food – even if you could do better, or you may end up doing all the cooking yourself.

8.Don’t forget to do the little things that make each of you smile and feel loved.

9.Be patient with each other as much as possible.

10.Don’t break marital confidences or use them as a weapon during an argument

11.Surprise each other with little gifts or tokens of appreciation. This will make the moment even more special. Gifts need not be extravagant or painfully expensive. It is always the thought that counts. A little something to create warmth and sweet memories.